Your SFR Moving Specialists team measures your exact new living space and furniture, so you know what fits comfortably into your new home. Your Move Coordinator then prepares a custom computer-drafted floor plan to create a layout that meets your needs, taking into consideration your mobility and safety.

By using the blueprint or floor plan of your new home, you can have a better idea of what items will fit in each room. This makes moving day that much easier for both you and the SFR Team.

Space planning is the best way to determine what items will comfortably fit in your new home.  This allows you to make informed decisions about the items you wish to take with you.  However you arrive at these decisions, you will likely have items you are not taking and have a new set of decisions - what to do with the remaining items.  Selling donating or giving away one’s possessions is a very personal decision.  There’s not a one size fits all solution to downsizing – here are a few pointers to help you make an informed decision about what works best for you and your possessions.

A Move Manager can customize a floor plan for you by measuring your exact furniture and measuring your new home.  This is incredibly helpful on move day so you don’t pay to take more items than you need and your team will know precisely where each item goes.

Your SFR Move Manager will measure your exact new living space.  Using those measurements, your Move Manager will:

•             Draw a to-scale floor plan

•             Measure the furniture that you are taking with you

•             Arrange the furniture on the floor plan as you would like your new home arranged

•             Assure you that everything you move to your new home will fit and allow walking room


For seniors it is important to make sure pathways are ADA compliant –necessary for wheelchairs or walkers.