Your photos are cherished memories of family, friends, vacations and special moments in your life. Senior Focused Relocations preserves them by creating digital copies that you can view on a computer and give to others. It’s a great way to share memories with loved ones.

Photo digitizing is a great way to preserve memories and share them with family or just free up some space.  Let SFR Moving Specialists help.

Reduce the clutter of those boxes of pictures by putting them on CD’s or maybe scrapbooking.  SFR offers services that will take your photos, slides and videos and do it all for you.

It is all too easy to accumulate boxes and books full of photographs over the years of birthdays and vacations. But what do you do when you no longer have the space to store all those photo albums? And those shoe boxes full of photos, they are never going to end up in books, but it’s so hard to just discard them.

While there are a number of photos you will certainly want to keep, be judicious. Do you really need ten different shots of the same kids on the same pony from different angles? Take the time to look through them all, then keep the best one or two and discard the others.

While you might not have the space to take dozens of albums, think about inviting friends and family over to make their own memory albums from the myriad of photos to take to their homes. This gives everyone the opportunity to reminisce over memories and while one person might not remember that one person’s name or what year Uncle Mike went waterskiing, the collective memories probably will.

If albums just aren’t your thing, consider digitizing your photos. SFR is your resource available for hire and can digitize your memories and return them to you on CD to share with family, friends, even set up as a screen saver on your computer! Plus, digital images aren’t prone to the dangers of heat and light and water the way photographs are.