SFR Moving Specialists arrives with all the necessary boxes, bubble wrap, paper and tape to ensure everything is carefully and safely packed. Our experienced team of trained experts is an efficient packing machine, handling your possessions with the utmost care.

SFR trains team members on the safe and proper way to pack your belongings.  For example, team members are trained to place your belongings on safe, flat surfaces like tables-not floors where items can be stepped on.  Decorative items are moved to a safe place if there is a danger of damaging the items when packing.  Each team member is responsible for documenting with digital photographs any damaged items prior to packing. Your SFR team will bring all the necessary packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap, paper and tape to ensure everything is carefully and safely packed.

Fine art is packed in picture boxes with art paper, mirrors and glass pieces with bubble wrap.  Fine crystal and breakables are packed with bubble wrap to ensure their safe transport.  Boxes are labeled to the areas of the new home where they will be delivered with details of what is inside them.

SFR operates on a production base formula.  Each team member is trained and required to pack standard amounts of boxes per hour. Your team members are assigned to various sections in your home and when they complete work in their section they move on to the next. The Crew Lead assigns the areas of packing and explains to the crew member the correct amount of time the area should take.  Keeping in mind that a bookcase full of books will pack much faster than a china cabinet full of crystal and decorative items therefore the packing requirement time will be different.   This monitoring system allows the crew to work at a high productivity rate and keep your move on budget.