Organizing sessions with one of our Move Managers is the help you need in making meaningful decisions about what to do with your belongings.  The one on one sessions help you navigate the process of deciding:

·        What to move with you:

By measuring the new kitchen, closets, and storage spaces, we can show you what will fit in your new home and what will not.  This eliminates taking excess volume and saves money on the move.

·        What to give to family and friends:

We realize that many items hold years of memories and through a step by step process we assist you in making decisions on belongings that should remain with you and those that family members would cherish.

·        What charitable donations to make:

Donating your unneeded items might be the best option for a good portion of your belongings.   There are plenty of charities in need and a good amount of them will pick the items up if you are donating furniture. You get to write the donation off on your taxes. Between fees and delivery costs with other options, you might be better off to donate than try to sell.

·       What items to sell and how to best sell them:

Consignment is a good option if you just have a few pieces you are looking to sell.  You will need to deliver them to the consignment store and they will put your items on display.  Once the item sells, you receive a percentage of the sales price. The price for the item is set so you don’t have to worry about it going for less than you are willing to sell it for. If you don’t have enough volume for an estate sale, consignment is a good option. Consignment stores are not limited to only a few days or few minutes to sell the item.  They can set the price higher and wait for the right customer to come in and pay top dollar.

Auctions can be online, in person or both.  Some auction companies only handle items of high value while others specialize in everyday items. The auction company will market and sell items to the highest bidder.  There is typically no set price and the price will increase when parties start to bid against each other. You can sometimes get more for an item than you would at an estate sale because of the bidding process. Auction companies typically take a lower percentage of the sale price than estate sales or consignment.