Need to relocate from one state to another? Not only is SFR Moving Specialists licensed for interstate moves, we provide the necessary care and expertise for a smooth transition.  From start to finish our trained team ensures that your belongings make the long trip safely.

SFR Moving Specialists has been moving clients all over the country for years.  From Illinois, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, we offer door to door services all over the country.  You can rest comfortably knowing that when your belongings are loaded on our truck, they are locked and secured until they reach your destination.  We do not off load or combine loads with other clients.  Your truck remains with all your belongings on it, untouched until unloaded at your new residence.

So how do you begin the process to receive an estimate for your relocation?  A Move Manager of our company will walk you through over the phone all pertinent information they need to put together a plan for your move.  It begins with a detailed furniture list in which they will ask you questions whether the furniture is in multiple pieces, does it have removable glass, are there wood shelves, is there marble on top, do you have appliances such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or freezer?  Is there a large flat screen TV that needs to be rehung? Then they will discuss room by room what volume of packing will be involved and if you would like unpacking and settling in.  No detail is left unturned to properly put together the right plan for your relocation.