Along with being a senior move manager, SFR Moving Specialists is a fully licensed moving company. So your packed boxes and furniture are handled by our employees from start to finish. And because our insurance is in effect the entire time we work with you, there are no gaps in the protection of your belongings.

SFR trains team members on the safe and proper way to move your belongings.  Each piece of furniture is digitally photographed before it is touched and then properly wrapped for transport. Marble and glass pieces are wrapped with double blankets and transported separately in large mover’s boxes. Furniture is wrapped and properly placed on moving equipment without causing damage to the furniture.  For example, long table legs are not used as handles when moving furniture and large heavy pieces of furniture belong on equipment not hand carried so they can potentially be dropped.  

SFR team members work on a production base formula and are required to each move a standard number of pieces of furniture per hour.  This formula keeps productivity at a high level and the budget on track. We begin by loading all boxes that were packed either by you or SFR.  This creates a stabilized wall in the truck where the shock absorption is minimal, keeping boxed items secured.   Then begins a process of incapsulating each piece of furniture with blankets and stretch film, bed mattresses are placed in large mattress bags all to ensure their safe handling as they are transported from your current residence.  Once this preparation is complete the team will load the furniture items.  Any items left out that you needed for the evening as well as refrigerator items will be packed and placed last on the truck so that they are the first to come off.

Upon arrival at the new residence, all the furniture will be unloaded and placed in position in your home per your wishes and unwrapped.  Then any pieces that require reassembly will be put back together.  Once the home is set up, all boxes will be unloaded and placed in the appropriate room or area where they are to be unpacked.  The team will unpack the things that you need for a comfortable evening and will even make your bed.